Divergence of Amazon rainforest safeguard

Two years ago, the Amazon was aflame, ravaged by arsonists and loggers. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro went to war. Air Force C-130 aircraft spewed water and flame retardant over the burning jungle. The effort, in August 2019

Florida declared a state of emergency

A reservoir in Florida that holds nearly 400 million gallons of wastewater from a former phosphate mine was leaking on Saturday, prompting hundreds of evacuations, the authorities said.

Aerial view of the slum of Koreil and surrounding neighborhoods of Dhaka. Dhaka is chocked by its 16 min residents. 400,000 people migrate from farmlands to Dhaka every year 70% of them quote environmental shock as a main reason for migration. These families usually end up in the poorest, most flood-prone areas of the city where they live in a constant fear of another flood. Photo by Frank Sedlar
Throwaway Living

In August 1955, Life magazine published a large photo of a happy family. Father, mother, and daughter are all standing around a table, smiling with their hands thrown in the air. Around them, as if suspended in anti-gravity, fly dozens of disposables: plates, trays, utensils, and napkins. .


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Saudi Arabia’s state-backed oil giant Aramco announced Sunday that its profits nearly halved in 2020 to $49 billion, a big drop that came as the coronavirus pandemic roiled global energy markets. Saudi Arabian Oil Co. released its annual financial results a year after the pandemic sent the price of oil crashing to all-time lows as people stopped moving around the world to stem the spread of the virus.

Three of the most active banks in financing oil exports from Ecuadorian amazon- an environmentally destructive industry with a long track record of trampling on indigenous people’s rights- have agreed to cease important parts of their financial supports after pressure from NGOs and a devastating oil spill in 2020.

Women Leaders
13 Apr: Women Leaders to Bring a Fresh Perspective to Economic Policy

Women now hold many of the jobs controlling the world’s largest economy – and they are trying to fix it. Over the past half-century, 57 women have been president or prime minister of their countries but institutions that make economic decisions have largely been controlled by men until recently.

23 Mar: Sudden surge in the COVID cases in Central Europe

In Central Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed in several countries that are now struggling to cope with high numbers of cases and overcrowding at hospitals. In the Czech Republic, the number of patients in intensive care has reached a new high

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Migration Policies in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal

Contrary to the popular perception that migration is mostly a South-North phenomenon, South-South migration is large. Available data from national censuses suggest that nearly half the migrants from developing countries reside in other developing countries. Almost 80 percent of South-South migration takes place between countries that have contiguous borders (Ratha and Shaw 2007).


Need for Global Vaccination Equity

The global COVID-19 vaccine roll-out is creating a “vaccine apartheid”. As of February 24, approximately 216 million people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 globally. Only 8.4 percent of these are in low and lower-middle-income countries, which are home to nearly half of the world’s population.

Country Profile

Nicaragua: The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Nicaragua is still one of Latin America’s least developed countries, where access to basic services is a daily challenge. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic plus the violence that has prevailed in the last years, job losses, a fall in consumer and business confidence, and a decline in labour-intensive sectors


The past week has seen social media awash with a hashtag #fixthecountry which underpins and registers the frustrations of many angry Ghanaians who are thoroughly tired of the excruciating state affairs of the country

May 31, 2021

In just two weeks, India’s second wave of Covid-19 has become disastrous. The country, which was reporting less than 15,000 cases a day just last month, has been seeing over 200,000 Covid-19

April 28, 2021

At least 9 protestors were killed on Friday as protests continued in Myanmar against the military government which took over power from the civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1.

March 23, 2021

The Bangladeshi authorities must end their escalating crackdown on human rights, and respect and protect people’s rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in Bangladesh to curb protesters demanding justice for writer Mushtaq Ahmed’s death in prison on 25 February, the nine undersigned human rights organizations said in a joint statement

March 15, 2021
Surging Human-Elephant Conflicts in Sri Lanka

Asian elephants are listed as ‘endangered’, and human-elephant conflict (HEC) poses a serious challenge to their conservation in Sri Lanka as well as the rest of the range.

March 15, 2021

It seems that Qatar is also in negotiations to normalise its relations with Israel, following the recent normalisation of ties between the Jewish state, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (August 2020).

February 22, 2021

Effect of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef

The health of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the world’s most extensive coral reef ecosystem, is in a critical state and deteriorating as climate change warms the waters around it, an international conservation group said, warning that more than a third of the world’s heritage sites are similarly threatened.