India’s objection to Nepal

Since Nepal has claimed three territories in India as its own, the tension between the two countries has been on an increase mode. Following the concern of India on the constant quarrel of Nepal government.The West Champaran districts officials in Bihar said that the Nepal government has started construction of a helipad at a disputed location on the Indo-Nepal border near Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) in West Champaran district. Meanwhile, Indian officials in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand objected to Nepal authorities installing 360 degrees CCTV cameras in no-man’s land between the borders of the country countries. Indian officials have asked their counterparts in Nepal to replace them with uni-directional CCTV cameras. The issue was raised by Indian officials during an informal border meeting between the two sides on Tuesday near Tanakpur border town of Champawat district.

SN Pandey, district magistrate of Champawat district said, “The issue was raised with the Nepalese authorities to which they have assured to look into, along with other matters pertaining to border issues.”

India is constantly opposing its bigotry neighbour Nepal on the installation of Omni-directional CCTV cameras, which has become a concern to security agencies of the Indian side. Nepalese authorities, on the other hand, has responded to the objections of the Indians, assuring that all ‘issues’ will be resolved through talks.

RK Tripathi, SSB Commandant near the Indo-Nepal border affirmed the development. “We raised several issues in the meeting but didn’t get any assurance from their side. They just said that they will try to solve them by dialogues,” Tripathi said.

The discontent, Nuisance and simmering on the border, has been growing since Nepal decided to include certain parts of Uttarakhand in its new map inviting strong objections from India with New Delhi dismissing Kathmandu’s fresh territorial claims as untenable and without any historical evidence.

“To the best of our knowledge, construction of the helipad meant for small choppers started a few days back on the disputed area,” said Commandant Rajendra Bhardwaj of 21st SSB Battalion.

Authorities from India and Nepal after an informal meeting to ‘maintain status quo’, assured each other that no activity will be carried out on the ‘No Man’s Land’ which has become a bone of contention near Champawat district. Meanwhile, Nepalese authorities have also written to India to not stop their people’s movement into Limipiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulekh areas which the Himalayan nation claims its own. The issue has become thorny between authorities and people of both countries.

Several issues were raised during the meeting for discussion by India side including a request to instal Omni-directional closed-circuit television cameras by Nepalese authorities near the no man’s land.

“The Nepalese side had installed the CCTV cameras a few days ago at the border. When the meeting was held, the SSB [Sashastra Seema Bal] from our side raised the issue before Nepal as being omnidirectional CCTV cameras, there was an obvious risk that they might monitor activities of our security agencies also,” Surendra Narayan Pandey, Champawat’s district magistrate who attended the meet, said.

“The Nepalese authorities reasoned that they are to keep an eye on activities on their side of the border on which we asked them to then replace them with uni-directional CCTV cameras away from the Indian side of the border. To that, they said that they will consider the request,” said Pandey.

“Not only this, but we also raised objection against the Nepalese people stopping our men from patrolling near the disputed area of the border in our side as well the encroachment done by them on it,” said the official.

While the relation between India and Nepal has been on a rough mode from the last few months, the recent action of Nepal might worsen the situation.

Karishma G.

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