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Boomerang Euro-Atlantic Strategy!

Photo: Agerpres.ro

No one doubts the fact that we have embarrassing leaders in the Euro-Atlantic world. From Biden, to Scholz or Macron along with all the others, our world has entered despair and we are all looking for political solutions to stop its decay. We all want to reimpose the democratic concept of power to the powerless. Economically, we are doing badly, with gloomy prospects, and those grouped in BRICS+, with Putin and Xi Jinping at the helm, are preparing for economic takeoff. This will clearly happen and is the indirect result of bad strategies imposed by our leaders. Considering the elections in the EU, where Ursula von der Leyen and her people fear that they will lose power, and those in the USA, where Trump cannot be defeated in fair elections, they have now switched to another strategy: indicating Putin as the number 1 political enemy in the Euro-Atlantic world, together with the imposition of the new ideology of anti-Putinism. Thus, yesterday I read a press release in which Ursula von der Leyen explained to us that she will militate against all extreme right parties that are subordinate to Putin in her political campaign for the European Parliament, therefore against Putin. A campaign by the head of the European Commission against a president of a non-EU country.

Mike Turner, an old Democrat from Biden’s party, but a high-ranking one, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the United States House of Representatives, came with a speech that first shocked America, and then the planet. The amateur but high-ranking politician declared that Russian propaganda and Putinism have infected the US Congress and the American power zone. Do you realize what he said? Just like Ursula von der Leyen who disregarded the European Union through what she said, he also simply disregarded his country and the power structure in his country.
Everything, friends, has the appearance of that McCarthyism of which I have spoken many times, which was propagated in the United States after the Second World War, in short, a willful and random hunt for imaginary communists, a hunt that hystericized American society to the point of implosion. I described this phenomenon, saying that it would happen to us three years ago, we were still in the pandemic and we were all seeing this McCarthyist dictatorship.
 To come back to my main point, I am sure and I bet that the effect of these policies to project Putin as the number 1 political opponent in the Euro-Atlantic world, respectively to designate Putinism as a doctrine that must be defeated, will act like a boomerang. Putin is already the most liked political leader in the Euro-Atlantic world, and what the current EU and US leaders want to do now will have the effect of building a huge statue for Putin, a statue that the majority will worship, but a statue, I repeat, of planetary dimension, which in any case the Russian leader possibly deserves only by comparison with the servile leaders of our Euro-Atlantic world.
By Cozmin Gusa/www.solidnews.ro

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