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India funds 246 million for 3 cultural heritages’ reconstruction in Nepal 

As part of India’s socio-economic-cultural development partnership with its friendly neighbouring nation of  Nepal, the Ministry of External Affairs has come forward to fund the restoration and reconstruction of 26 important cultural heritage sites of Nepal. It seems like India and its friendly neighbour Nepal have been trying to bond with their new strategy as India has been working with Nepal for socio-economic-cultural development partnership and restoration of cultural heritage projects, reflecting the common cultural heritage which has been the bedrock of the strong and friendly historical linkages.

For the reconstruction of three more Cultural Heritage projects in Nepal after six out of the 28 heritage sites contracts have already been reconstructed, India will be funding Nepali ₹246 million, to revive the religious and cultural heritage of Nepal given the civilizational ties between the two countries.

The Memorandum of Understanding and Contract Agreements for restoration and reconstruction of three more cultural heritage sites were signed on Wednesday in Kathmandu.
 The three projects are Jestha Varna Mahavihara in Lalitpur, Sulighyang Gumba and Shermathang Gumba located in the Sindhupalchowk district. The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) will be providing technical assistance for the restoration of Jestha Varna Mahavihara while the other two will be undertaken by CLPIU (Building).

“At times there only use to talk about political matters when it came in between Nepal and India now with the agreement which has been signed now, funding by Government of India to develop and reconstruct the religious sites of Nepal, it shows the deepened relation between Nepali and Indian citizens and it also is the example that it never can be broken or shaken off,” Nilkaji Shakya, ward-chair of ward no. 25 Kathmandu said.

While the Head of Development Partnership and Reconstruction Wing of the Embassy of India to Nepal and Project Director of Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Building) of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) signed the MoUs, the Contract Agreements were signed between the successful bidders and NRA. The Seto Machindranath temple and Kumari Chhen and Kumari Niwas will be conserved as per Nepal’s Ancient Monument Preservation Act with an effort to restore the two living heritage sites to their past glory and traditions.

According to the statement by the Indian mission in Nepal, the three cultural sites were damaged during an earthquake in 2015 and they will now be constructed with the funds provided by the government of India. In totality, India has committed US $50 million or Nepali RTs 5,800 million for conservation, restoration and reconstruction of a total of 28 cultural heritage sites in Nepal as well as eight districts in the foreign country. India remains committed to continuing its development partnership with Nepal which is long-standing, unwavering, unmatched and multidimensional, as per the priorities of the Government of Nepal, the Ministry statement said.

By Karishma Gwalani

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