Angry Ghanaians Want Their Country Fixed

The past week has seen social media awash with a hashtag #fixthecountry which underpins and registers the frustrations of many angry Ghanaians who are thoroughly tired of the excruciating state affairs of the country

The second wave and the sparked outrage in India

In just two weeks, India’s second wave of Covid-19 has become disastrous. The country, which was reporting less than 15,000 cases a day just last month, has been seeing over 200,000 Covid-19

Myanmar’s war-like-violence

At least 9 protestors were killed on Friday as protests continued in Myanmar against the military government which took over power from the civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1.

Bangladesh: Mass Jail sentences Over cartoons posts

The Bangladeshi authorities must end their escalating crackdown on human rights, and respect and protect people’s rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in Bangladesh to curb protesters demanding justice for writer Mushtaq Ahmed’s death in prison on 25 February, the nine undersigned human rights organizations said in a joint statement

Surging Human-Elephant Conflicts in Sri Lanka
Surging Human-Elephant Conflicts in Sri Lanka

Asian elephants are listed as ‘endangered’, and human-elephant conflict (HEC) poses a serious challenge to their conservation in Sri Lanka as well as the rest of the range.

Protestors in Myanmar, mourning to a young death

It seems that Qatar is also in negotiations to normalise its relations with Israel, following the recent normalisation of ties between the Jewish state, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (August 2020).

India remembering the black day of Pulwama attack

When the whole world was celebrating the day of love, Valentine’s Day on 14th of February 2019, the brave soldiers of India were attacked by terrorists in Jammu, leaving the country in shock. This attack killed 40 CRPF soldiers. February 14th is thus also considered a black day in Indian history.