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02 Apr: Brexit talks: the sticking points explained

Well, kind of. The EU and UK are trying to strike a deal on their future relationship before the end of the transition period at the end of last year. Time is now very tight because any deal will have to be ratified by both sides and in particular on the EU side this involves significant work, including a vote in the European Parliament.


29 Mar: Oil giant Saudi Aramco’s profits drop to half in 2020

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Saudi Arabia’s state-backed oil giant Aramco announced Sunday that its profits nearly halved in 2020 to $49 billion, a big drop that came as the coronavirus pandemic roiled global energy markets. Saudi Arabian Oil Co. released its annual financial results a year after the pandemic sent the price of oil crashing to all-time lows as people stopped moving around the world to stem the spread of the virus.


25 Mar: Kill the Bill protest; aka The Battle of Bridewell Street: Violent clashes with police ‘shameful’

Demonstrations took place in Bristol on Sunday 21, against the Government’s new Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill which imposes new restrictions on the right to protest, which passed its second reading in UK Parliament last Tuesday, March 16, and would see an increase in police powers, including allowing a start and finish time to be imposed on demonstrations.