US elections: Biden vs Trump on climate change debate

On November 3, 2020 there will be the 59th US presidential election. Donald Trump, President in office and representative of the Republican Party on the one hand. Joe Biden, Democrat and former vice president of the United States (from 2009 to 2017) on the other

The Horrific Beirut Explosion

Social media is full of “Pray for Lebanon” hashtags yesterday and today after the massive blast that has occurred in the Lebanese Capital, Beirut on Tuesday.

The fiery situation in Israel

Sunday, August 2nd. More than 10,000 protesters invaded the centre of Jerusalem. They participated in the new demonstration against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Myanmar: Towards the peace conference

Myanmar is preparing for the two most important events of the year which, despite the restrictions for Covid-19, will be held with the times and methods already decided, albeit with some limitations

Bolivians reject the postponement of the general election

Several rallies and marches have taken place in Bolivia, in response to the call made by the COB, to protest against the postponement of the general elections. The mobilizations have begun in the departments of La Paz and Cochabamba.

Financial markets future trends

A beginning of a multi-year bull market from the panic lows of March can be ruled out. Traders should remain alert.