Scientists in protective suits in a science laboratory study a dangerous virus to eliminate the epidemic
India Invents Game-changing Paper COVID-19 test

India is the second country that is engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic after the United States. With 113 K deaths, it has 7.43 million cases. On Friday, nearly 63K new cases of COVID-19 were reported in India amid a downturn in the number of new positive cases.

pakistan dowry
The Banned Dowry system in Pakistan

In some cultures of south Asia, when a couple is married, the bride or her family pays a certain amount of money or property to the groom known as “Dowry”. In other words, it is the price that the family of the groom demands to admit the bride to their household.

India’s helping hand to Bhutan

India, New Delhi is collaborating with Bhutan to carry out Phase-3 trials of Covid-19 vaccine candidate. India since the beginning of the pandemic in May 2020 till date has dispatched seven consignments of essential medications to Bhutan under the aegis of the SAARC Emergency Covid-19 fund initiated by Prime Minister of India.

Spain at its worst!

At the epicenter of an explosion of new infections in Spain, millions of people in Madrid have had new restrictions imposed on their lives as Spain’s national government has imposed a partial lockdown in Madrid to curb the wave of growing cases.

Geneva to introduce ‘The world’s highest minimum wage’

Geneva is to introduce a minimum wage of almost £3,500 a month, reported to be the highest in the world after locals approved the measure in a surprise vote result sparked by reports of growing coronavirus-linked poverty in the Swiss city.