Turkey and the COVID-19 Success Story

The Republic of Turkey reports the lowest ratio of death per case, as being the 9th country with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world.

Bahrain; the Cradle of the Lost Garden of Eden

Bahrain monarchy was the first state in the Persian Gulf to discover oil and build a refinery. The tiny country is ruled by a Sunni monarchy with a Shia majority population. The island, once known as heaven still faces the impacts of the pearl revolution.

Covid-19, Africa Crisis

If efforts are not made to mitigate and overcome interruptions in health services and supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, a six-month distruption of antiretroviral therapy could lead to more than 500 000 extra deaths from AIDS related illness, including from tuberculosis.

A Long Battle!

“Janata Curfew is just the beginning of a long battle against COVID-19”- Prime Minister Narendra Modi