Italy’s Pink Glazier sparks Environmental Concerns

The appearance of pink ice on Italian Alps for the first time has been a marvel shared across the social media these days. The coloured Ice is also known as the “Watermelon snow” has been noticed at Presena Glacier, a popular winter sports region in Italy’s northern Trentino region, which is already experiencing the consequences of climate change.

The Plastic Pandemic

Single-use plastic has been a lifesaving resource during the pandemic. It helped to maintain social distancing by letting us deliver our foods in single-use plastic bags and single-use plastic bottles.

A ‘regime shift’ in the Arctic Ocean

Scientists have found out that the growth of phytoplankton has increased 57% over the two decades. This phenomenon have drastically changed the Arctic’s ability to transform atmospheric carbon into living matter.

Record-breaking Lightning strikes all over the world

World meteorological organization (WMO) emphasizes the dangers of lightening as many lives it claims every year. In 1975, 21 people in Zimbabwe were killed when a single lightning flash that hit the hut they were sheltering.

Aviation emissions rising up faster than predicted

Aviation emissions are said to account for about 3% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Global Annual international aviation emissions are already around 70% higher comparing 2020 with 2005.

Record-breaking heat in Siberia

Siberia – one of the coldest regions on Earth – experienced record-breaking May temperatures, which is linked to wildfires, moth swarms and oil spill.

Red rivers of Russia and the Arctic oil spill

One of the largest oil spills in Russian history was reported at the end of last month. A fuel tank collapsed at a power plant in the city of Norilsk located above the Arctic Circle in Russia’s far north in the Siberian tundra.