Focal Points for the Global Introduction of Carbon Tariff

Carbon tariffs, a concept first proposed by former French President Jacques Chirac, are gaining increasing attention from the world’s leading countries against the backdrop of heightened concerns about climate change

Severe Heat waves Around the World

This summer, multiple heatwaves broke the long-standing temperature records and fueled wildfires. Indicated by the map produced by the Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) global model, many places in Europe

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Influences of Carbon Emission Market in Domestic Economy

With the development of environmental science, governments and international organizations are becoming aware of the importance of environmental protection. Environmental protection economics has become an important part of the development of global economic patterns.

Global Warming in 2022: Causes and Consequences

The Industrial Revolution marked the turning point when greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions started to exponentially increase. A new paradigm of production and consumption emerged as a result of the increasing global population

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Three-North Shelter Forest Program in China

Three-North Shelter Forest Program (also known as the Great Green Wall) in China is the first world-famous ecological project that started with China’s Economic Reform and Opening-up. This project is a large-scale shelterbelt system construction approved by the State Council of the PRC in 1978 to address the severe problem of sandstorm hazards and soil erosion in the North, the Northeast, and the Northwest regions.

Environmental Protection Is Closely Related to Cultural Relic Protection

Environmental protection in the process of archaeological works deserves attention. On the basis of protecting cultural relics, the staff should fully consider the protection of the archaeological excavation area and the surrounding ecological environment to ensure the sustainable development of the ecological environment.

It Is Urgent to Protect Global Biodiversity

When Silent Spring was published in 1962, it set off a global craze for environmental protection. In 1972, the United Nations held the Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden