Green Snow Algae Blooms in Antarctica

The water has warmed up enough for algae to bloom in Antarctica and the green snow is likely to spread as the global temperatures increase.

Toxic Gas Leak in India amidst Covid-19 Battle

India faced a new tragedy of toxic gas leak from the LG polymer plant in Visagapattinam, Andra Pradesh on Thursday (May 7th). Several people were found unconscious on streets and the incident killed 11 including a child, more than 800 were hospitalized.

World’s biggest iceberg begins to get smaller

Iceberg A-68 size has visibly decreased over the past few years. In 2020 a chunk of ice broke from the iceberg, measuring 175 square kilometres and this footage was taken by the European Space Agency’s satellite called Sentinel-1.

The Rescue Mission!
The environment has always been a part of human nature; in fact, studies say that it existed even before the human did, so we have technically taken over everything that once was just for the environment.