The post Brexit situation does not seem to be very solid if we analyze the integrity of the United Kingdom. Nor does the link between the UK and the EU seem to be solid.

To complicate the management of future relations between London and Brussels, there could be Donald Trump who strongly pushes towards a commercial agreement with the United Kingdom. But if, as part of the American press notes, London leaves the European Union to run into the arms of the United States, the relationship with Washington is not without obstacles. The British government recently gave the go-ahead for Huawei, the Chinese communications giant, to continue developing the UK’s 5G network against the opinion of the American president. A decision that follows the path indicated by Brussels and that has caused the disappointment of the White House. If Premier Johnson tries to play the card of an agreement with the US to strengthen his position towards the EU, Trump does not necessarily make his life so easy.

Likewise, good news does not come from the internal front. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a new referendum on independence, rejected by Boris Johnson, stressing that Scotland “is forced to leave the European Union against its will”. As for the Welsh, who voted in favor of Brexit in 2016, after three years of unsuccessful negotiations between London and Brussels they have moved to pro-EU positions. And today they feel betrayed by a government that has allowed the closure of factories and industries, aggravating an economic situation in the balance, highly dependent on European aid. The border between Northern Ireland (Belfast) and Eire (Dublin) is the stumbling block on which the negotiations between London and Brussels broke: on the one hand the British parliament did not accept the “backstop” – the agreement included in the agreement of withdrawal to prevent a return to a border between the two Ireland – but on the other hand the government has not proposed credible alternatives. Having left Northern Ireland with a regime of duties and rules different (the European ones) from the rest of the country could cause tensions and violence to explode in the region, with results that are difficult to predict.

By, Domenico Greco

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