Is world being pushed into a new series of  biological wars by few elites?

War, as it sounds dreadful, yet it appears pleasant to few; for those who make most out of it and are constantly seeking new conflicts.  It is a basic human psychy that around every minor to major issue, there are some interests hanging down of few and some have all at its stake or else there wouldn’t be any conflict. In today’s world the geopolitical and economic interests of countries are antipodal.

When war is being imposed over a country, destruction, abuse of human rights, plundering of resources are few of many that are witnessed. But behind the tables, there’s alot going on which act as a catalyst for the war.

The war Industries, CEO,S of gaint oil companies have their best pay days when the world is at war.

The US- Afghan war is the longest recent war that the world witnessed. With hundreds and hundreds of billions dollars being thrown into a fire pit, it finally ended at a negotiation table. Now, any rational mind will think critically of the output  the US had after spending a huge amount.  Among many, they had an open playground with available targets to test their new war equipment. Their war Industries were making profits by the continuation of prolonged war. It laid possible threats to the neighbouring countries, therefore defense equipments were sold to them. Similarly, Iraq war was imposed by the oil giants wandering in the white house including the president at that time. But now it seems the world had enough of the conventional wars.

There is a paradigm shift in this war business by those elites that runs the world by strictly keeping in mind that the profit must be  at least same; maximum would be a cherry on top. It’s the start of new Bio-wars. The players are same but tools are different. War industries and oil giants being replaced by pharmaceutical industries and research labs.

The world recently witnessed that a biological weapon can have much greater and far drastic impact on humanity then a bullet or a missile fired. A single human engineered covid 19 shuts down the entire world, destroyed economies, and killed thousands and thousands of people.

Now as an answer to the same question asked above, the creator of this virus will sell the already developed vaccine to the world boosting the economy of that country. When the very first bullet was made and fired, the human intellect also thought of possible ways to stop it. Hence, a bullet proof jacket was invented. Similarly, only a naive would think of  that the creator of covid-19 forgot to create it’s cure ; even after realizing the virus don’t recognize enemy . It would possibly spread among all.

This will mark a start of new era of Biological wars  for many obvious reasons . The geo-politics, economic tussle and the desire to be the policeman of the world but the most important one is ;  it’s less likely to unveil the real culprit. You don’t need huge men power for it. A single spy among your enemies would do that job. Besides, it will save  a huge budget spent on conventional wars.

Their are many conspiracy theories circulating around that China or US created this virus to tackle their economies. But one thing is Crystal clear that such biological weapons will not only affect the enemy but also the aggressor itself. The rest were already dying in wars and now they die of the virus.

All of this can turn into a tragic chaos on earth, if the non state actors got their hands on biological weapons. Imagine ISIS quietly operating in different regions and killing thousands of people through bio-weapons. In that case it will be also plausible if we really track the origin of virus because it’s nearly impossible to do. Unless the media sstarts a blame game for their hidden motives.

The world leaders needs to make their stance clear and take a strict action to ban the use of biological weapons as it poses a greater threat to humanity at an unimaginable and uncontrolled rate.

By Umair Yusuf

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