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25 Feb: Six million people at Risk of Lung Damage

About six million people aged over 65 in England are at high risk of lung damage and asthma attacks because of toxic air, according to a new report. The new report by two of the UK’s leading respiratory charities finds that a quarter of all care homes and a third of all GP practices and hospitals in England are in places where particulate pollution exceeds the limits recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).


24 Feb: U.S. Officially Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement

Experts on U.S. climate diplomacy say the administration has been laying the groundwork for its new emissions pledge since the fall. It’s expected to draw on research from nonfederal analysts and think tanks that continued work on the issue during the Trump years when U.S. climate progress carried on in cities, states, and boardrooms while it languished in Washington.


24 Feb: Throwaway Living

In August 1955, Life magazine published a large photo of a happy family. Father, mother, and daughter are all standing around a table, smiling with their hands thrown in the air. Around them, as if suspended in anti-gravity, fly dozens of disposables: plates, trays, utensils, and napkins. .