The Israeli Regresion

State of Israel is not experiencing one of its best times. While Tel Aviv has managed to improve its position in the past decades, today there are many problems on the horizon.
The crisis in the government majority in Israel worsens Today the usual Sunday meeting of the executive in Jerusalem was canceled due to the disagreements between Benyamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Benny Gantz’s Blue White on the preparation of the state budget.
The law provides that if the Knesset does not approve the financial forecast by August 25, new elections will be held, the fourth in just over a year.

The contrast – latent for weeks – is based on the fact that Netanyahu, recalling the coronavirus economic crisis and the need not to impose further cuts, intends to launch a budget that only covers the remaining part of 2020. Gantz instead – for opposite reasons – argues on the contrary, also strong in the government formation agreement that establishes a two-year budget, that is, until the end of 2021.
However, this argument – which sees the two parties exchanging mutual accusations – hides, in the opinion of analysts, an ever wider diversity of views in domestic and even foreign politics. Last but not least, the different judgment that Blu Bianco gives, for example, on the demonstrations that have been going on for weeks against Netanyahu.

Gantz’s party has made it clear that the premier wants to go to elections for reasons related to his legal woes. Sources of the same party – quoted by the media – have argued that it was “a mistake to make a government of national unity with Netanyahu” which among other things provides for the alternation of premiership.

In addition to internal problems, a new wind of war is blowing in the Middle East and directly involving the state of Israel.
The Israeli armed forces announced last night that they shot down a drone that had crossed the border with Lebanon, where the military presence was intensified following a series of new clashes. “During the night, the Israeli military identified a drone that had infiltrated Israeli airspace in the Mount Hermon region,” on the border with Lebanon, “and was shot down,” the army said.
Mount Hermon is considered a highly strategic site, at the crossroads of Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Asked by the AFP, an Israeli military officer confirmed that the downed drone came from Lebanon. “No violation of Israeli sovereignty will be tolerated,” the army added without specifying the nature and size of the downed aircraft.

The downed drone – the military spokesman specified – is the object of research by Israeli soldiers who are conducting a reconnaissance in the area. “The army – the spokesman reiterated referring to the state of tension in recent times with Lebanon – has increased its preparation in recent times”. The spokesman then stressed that there is no connection between the downed drone and the warning sirens that sounded this morning by mistake in Galilee in northern Israel.

By Domenico Greco

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