Coronavirus and the online scams

Online scams and other malicious cyber activity have seen a global increase amid fears of the coronavirus outbreak. Reports received by the Government’s Computer Emergency Response Team include attempts to trick people into downloading malware from Covid-19 maps and entering details into phishing websites,

Coronavirus-themed scam text messages have also been reported in Australia and US, officials said. The messages contain a link claiming to direct people to testing facilities. The link instead installs malicious malware on an affected device to download the user’s personal information, such as banking details.

Phishing emails claiming to contain the latest updated information on the coronavirus have also been reported in the UK, with attachments containing fictitious “safety measures”.

Similar emails have also circulated internationally encouraging people to enter their email and password before they can receive information on the respiratory illness. Fake coronavirus map applications have also been reported.

By: Berta Schroeder

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