Chinese President recommends Peace to the Russian President

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Friday that the road to peace negotiations regarding the war in Ukraine will not be without obstacles and that China will maintain its “objective and correct position” on the matter, Reuters reports. Xi Jinping said Beijing and Moscow should closely coordinate and cooperate in international affairs and highlighted Russia’s willingness to engage in negotiations on Ukraine, China’s national broadcaster CCTV reported on the phone call between the two leaders.

“The Chinese side noted that the Russian side mentioned that it has never refused to resolve the conflict through diplomatic negotiations and expressed its appreciation for this,” Xi said, according to the quoted source. Xi and Putin have grown closer in recent years due to their shared mistrust of the US and its allies, highlighted by a statement in February regarding a “boundless” strategic partnership that sent alarm bells in the West. But after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in February, China publicly emphasized that it was not a party to the conflict, and in September, after the Russian military suffered several setbacks on the battlefield, Putin publicly acknowledged that Xi has ” questions and concerns” regarding the war. According to his comments broadcast on Russian state television on Friday, Putin discussed strengthening military cooperation with China, but this aspect is missing from the CCTV account. Xi Jinping was, however, clear on Friday about the ideological affinity between Beijing and Moscow when it comes to their shared opposition to US hegemony. “Facts have repeatedly proven that isolation and suppression are unpopular, and sanctions and interference are doomed to failure,” Xi told Putin, according to CCTV. “China is ready to cooperate with Russia and all progressive forces around the world that oppose hegemony and power-based politics, and firmly defend the interests of the sovereignty, security, and development of both countries and international justice,” he added.

By Roberto Caseli

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