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Switzerland is set to host an important summit aimed at achieving lasting peace in Ukraine

Photo: Reuters

Switzerland is positioned to be a key player in the fight for peace in a world where geopolitical tensions are on the rise. The Summit on Peace in Ukraine, a major international conference, will take place on June 15 and 16, 2024, in the peaceful setting of Bürgenstock in the Canton of Nidwalden. The objective of this high-level gathering, organised by the Swiss government, is to help leaders of state and government come to an equitable and long-lasting agreement with the current crisis in Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine, which began in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea and escalated with the war in Donbas, has resulted in profound human suffering and geopolitical instability. Despite numerous ceasefires and diplomatic efforts, a lasting peace has remained elusive. The Bürgenstock Summit seeks to change that narrative by creating a comprehensive roadmap for peace, grounded in mutual understanding and cooperative effort.

Switzerland’s selection as the host for this summit is no coincidence. Known for its longstanding tradition of neutrality and diplomacy, Switzerland has often been the stage for critical negotiations and peace talks. The nation’s commitment to fostering dialogue and its reputation for impartiality make it an ideal mediator in such complex international disputes.

Goals of the Summit

The primary objective of the Bürgenstock Summit is to develop a common understanding among global leaders on the necessary steps towards a just and lasting peace in Ukraine. This involves addressing several key issues:
Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity: Ensuring respect for Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty, a central tenet for any lasting peace agreement.
Humanitarian Concerns: Addressing the immediate needs of those affected by the conflict, including displaced persons and war victims, while laying the groundwork for long-term recovery and rebuilding.
Security Guarantees: Establishing measures to prevent future escalations, including potential international oversight and peacekeeping missions.
Economic Reconstruction: Developing a framework for economic support and reconstruction in war-torn regions of Ukraine, to facilitate sustainable development and stability.
Political Solutions: Promoting political dialogue and reforms within Ukraine to address internal divisions and strengthen democratic institutions.
The summit will gather leaders from major world powers, European Union representatives, and key regional stakeholders. The presence of these influential figures underscores the global importance attributed to resolving the Ukraine conflict. The summit is expected to produce a set of agreed principles and a detailed action plan that will serve as the foundation for subsequent peace negotiations.
While the Bürgenstock Summit is a critical step, it is only the beginning of a broader peace process. The insights and agreements reached during these two days will need to be diligently implemented and continuously supported by the international community. The success of this initiative will depend on sustained diplomatic engagement, political will, and the commitment of all parties involved to pursue peace over conflict.
By Sara Colin

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