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This is the situation around the world – last updated 13/3/2020

Total Confirmed 136.929
China 80.945
Italy 17.660
Iran 11.346
Korea, South 7.979
Spain 4.334
Germany 3.156
France 3.667
Denmark 1.573
US 1.268
Switzerland 1.125

Italy is the second country in the world most affected by Coronavirus

Numbers are precise (changes from the previous day):

  • Currently test positive people: 14.955 / +2.116
  • Deceased people: 1.266 / +250
  • Healed people: 1.439 / +181
  • Total cases: 17660 / +2547

All these numbers will increase in Italy, Europe and worldwide if drastic measures won’t be taken to stop the Coronavirus.

As regards Italy, the Italian Government has opted for strong and rapid decisions to try to stop the pandemic.

On the evening of March 11 the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, after deliberation by the Council of Ministers, with the DPCM, announced the measure: Red zone throughout Italy until  March 25 and schools of all levels until April 3.

In order to counter and contain the spread of Covid-19, the following measures have been taken throughout the country:

  • Suspension of retail business activities, except food and basic necessities sales activities. Newsstands, tobacconists and para pharmacy remain open. A safety distance of one meter between people must be guaranteed at all times.
  • Suspension of the activities of catering services (bars, pubs, ice cream shops, restaurants, pastry shops), only catering with home delivery is allowed. It remains possible to sell food and drink in motorway and road service areas, railway stations, airports and hospitals.
  • Suspension of all activities related to personal services: such as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians.

After the ministerial decree (DPCM) the open services are the following:

  • Always respecting the health and hygiene regulations: banking, financial and insurance services. In addition, also the agricultural and the zootechnical sector of agro-food processing. Including even the supply chains that provide goods and services.
  • Supermarkets selling food and beverages remain open.
  • Reduction of interregional car services and also a rail, air and sea transport; based on actual needs and with the unique aim of ensuring the minimum essential services.

Also, people must avoid leaving the house. You can go out to work or for health reasons or other needs, such as the purchase of necessary goods. You must, however, be able to prove it, even by means of a self-declaration that can be made on pre-printed forms already supplied to the state and local police forces.

The truthfulness of self-declarations will be subject to subsequent checks, and the non-truthfulness constitutes a crime.

In any case, it is advisable to work remotely, where possible, or take holidays or leave. Without a good reason, it is required and necessary to stay at home, for the good of all.

This is the Italian situation.

At this moment of enormous difficulty, the only country that is providing concrete aid is China.

Equipment, medical and non-medical staff and experience in the field. This is what came from China to Rome this morning to help Italy in the fight against Convid-19.

The Chinese Red Cross has brought 31 tons of medical equipment, including respiratory equipment crews, suits and masks. There are also some anti-virus drugs, along with blood and plasma.

Chinese researchers, scientists and doctors have also arrived in Italy.

As the Chinese Ambassador to Rome Li Junhua said: in addition to the materials, we brought more than anything else the feelings of friendship of the Chinese people because when the epidemic broke out in China, we received from Italy assistance, help and support.

He also added that China is “deeply sorry” for what is happening to Italy “because our people have lived the same experience and we understand the pain of what is happening and we understand the needs of the Italian people”.

How long will this pandemic last? No one knows the answer.

What is certain is that all countries in the world must take strong and restrictive measures to combat the Coronavirus.

The hope is that all the countries of the European Union will act together.

Another hope is that the ECB will help the European economy “whatever it takes”, as former ECB President Mario Draghi said in 2012 when the financial markets were in turmoil and the risk of speculation was putting the euro and the entire European construction at risk.

Because what is happening will have a very strong economic impact on the GDP of the various member countries, on the real economy, on companies, entrepreneurs, workers, families and individuals.

Finally, as far as Italy is concerned, it is a strong country that always brings out the best in difficult times and this time too it will be so.

By: Michele Brunori

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