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If Putin decides to attack us, Orthodoxy is our final line of defense

Photo: Agerpres.ro

Ukraine is currently a collapsed country, after two years of war in which it played the role of a proxy in a confrontation where the collective West tried, unsuccessfully, to bring Russia down. Many Ukrainians are in distress around the world, hundreds of thousands of men, perhaps over 500,000, have died, and their families have been left without support. The Ukrainian infrastructure is in ruins following the bombings, and their only hope is that the war will end quickly and that Black Rock, as selected by Mr. Zelenski, will start spending money on reconstruction. However, this can only happen if the Americans and Europeans have the means to provide, since the huge economic crisis that awaits us could jeopardize the economies of the collective West. Today, I will only discuss the outcome of the war; you know my opinions about those responsible. Ukraine has reached this tragic situation despite having a large, well-equipped, and well-trained army in the past 10 years, thanks to the Americans.

Romania, on the other hand, appears today as the country already designated to continue the fight against Russia, to be the next proxy after the fall of Ukraine and its surrender. Our politicians are the most Russophobic, the most active in insulting and provoking Russia, even though we have been spared any direct threat from Putin and his allies. At the same time, we are told that we should be calm because in case of an attack from Russia, we are supposedly protected by the NATO shield, and our partners will quickly come to our aid. Let’s say that we will be helped, although I already bet that we won’t be, or if we are, it will be at a lower level than Ukraine was supported.
The availability and military potential of the West are depleted; this has been evident in recent months. So it is clear that for at least a period of time, we will have to fend for ourselves against potential Russian attacks. The problem is that we don’t have anything to defend ourselves with, dear Gold FM friends! We don’t have much of an army, let alone trained reserves. Our weapons are medieval, and the new ones are insufficient or on their way, contracted but undelivered. The few thousand foreign NATO soldiers, stationed on Romanian territory with their own weapons, could only withstand a massive Russian attack for two or three days. The Romanian generals are sitting in TV studios and spouting lies. I won’t prolong this, but please operate under the idea that we are the weakest in the region in terms of military power. We can’t even compare ourselves to Poland, and Hungary or Serbia surpass us in terms of military strength. We are the most talkative and provocative towards Russia, but also the weakest and easily neutralized. I don’t want to cause panic, but when some idiots talk about the war in which we will be involved and that we will somehow manage, you just have to look at the Ukrainians and their drama to understand that much worse can happen to us.
Do you know what could save us? Orthodoxy! The fact that Putin and the Russians still see us as brothers in faith. Patriarch Daniel told the Synod members in recent years that Putin, during our Patriarch’s visit to Moscow, asked him what he could do for „his Romanian brothers”; not wanting to risk an incorrect or interpretable answer, our patriarch replied that he can do what his Orthodox brotherhood dictates to him. That’s all. Then you should know that our only hope lies in this, in the face of the suicidal effects of the provocations executed by our politicians towards Russia, and that is also the reason why we anathematized Patriarch Daniel yesterday, who had a great opportunity to strengthen this spiritual connection with the Russians through a simple and normal gesture of compassion and solidarity with the Russian drama, a gesture that the patriarch refuses to make. From now on, given the Americans’ cynicism, as they seem to want to continue the war at the cost of the death and destruction of others, you have every reason to truly worry about your own fate, the fate of your children, and perhaps the fate of your grandchildren. What can you do? Step out of this unconscious suicidal passivity and actively demand the cessation of provocations towards the Russians, along with advocating for urgent peace from those you have elected and will elect in 2024.
By Cozmin Gusa/www.solidnews.ro

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